Posted by Larry Jenkins on April 10, 1997 at 16:33:59

posted by Ken Smith on April 10, 1997 at 07:12:52

: I have a 1930 Closed Cab Pickup 82-B. The upper body is painted Blue Rock Green. The paint that I have is DITZLER"DITZ LAC LAQUER". The gallon can that I have has a red background label with white letters. Printed on the can is
: IM 1012BLUE ROCK GREEN30' FORD COMM.This paint is not acylic/Lacquer! I see that Mac's sells this kind.

: I understand by a visit to a local automotive paint supply here in Dayton, Ohio that my paint is different than the acrylic/Lacquer. What I have here is the original DAL lacquer paint. If I were to put acrylic/Lacquer on top of what I already have on the pickup, the paint would separate! I understand that you can put DAL on top of acrylic/Lacquer, but never the reverse.

: I had the paint supply company make me a sample of the color out of my can of original DITZLER DAL. This sample is on one of those black/white sample cards and is brushed on. They gave me addtionalo sample cards and advised me to make my own sample using a spray if I could. I certainly can! With this card I could send it somewhere and get a "match"?

: Not much original DAL paint is now left after painting my doors last week. I need to do some addtional spot painting and need a source for this original DAL paint badly. HELP! HELP!

Hi Ken..

You can enamel over lacquer, but you can't lacquer over enamel. (generally..there are some exceptions with great care).A line in your note is confusing."What I have here is the original DAL lacquer paint".The ogiginal lacquer was a nitrocellulose base, and the modern lacquer is an acrylic base.I don't know why you can't spray acrylic over the nitrocellulose without lifting, because both have lacquer based solvents.Past issues of Hemmings carried ads for nitrocellulose lacquers.If you can't locate them, e-mail me, and I'll tell you how to repaint without stripping your paint.

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